Elko Motocross Club

Local motocross track coming soon

The elkomotocross club is a non-profit organization that is currently looking for donations and support. We are ambitious to break ground April 2021. The road that needs to be cut to access the land is our first priority. This will require some equipment and a big fuel cost. For questions on how to donate just click the contact link below. We look forward to seeing everyone out there enjoying a great hometown track.

track pic.jpg

The proposed land is located west of Elko just behind the Komatsu facility and will be approximately 64 acres. Plans for pit parking and track layouts are still in progress, but lot has unlimited potential. There are no plans to be involved in any moto series this year but we are eager to hold a race or two among some practices. 

site map.jpg

Proposed track map


Board Members

Pres.  Jeff Laughter              7759346582

Vice   John Cashell              7759346458

Sec.   Jared Christensen     7753974396

Tres.   Jon Trimbach             7752006638

           Jake Johnson             7753970172

           Justin Brown               7753884694

            Daniel King                 7752991143

            Shawn Carroll            7753400161

            Russ Palmer              7759345267


Local Racers


Cali Christensen



Hunter Trimbach and Brodie Johnson

13 & 22


Tayten Baeth



   Cade Christensen


jason 19.jpg

     Jason Carroll



    Hudson Trimbach


5th Gear.jpg

Thank You 5th gear for your years of support, your generous donation, and for all you do for our community.


Special Thanks

Thank you for your support and donations in making this move forward

general fence.jpg

General Fence

Thank you for providing the fencing materials and supplies. It is greatly appreciated.


Big Six Services

Thank you for donating a skid steer and supporting the advancement of the track.

infinite gym and tumble.jpg

Infinite Gym and Tumble

Thank you for your generous donation.

atlas towing.jpg

Atlas Towing and Recovery

Thank you for your donation and continued support to Hillside Motorsports.


Cashmen Equipment


Thank you for donating some equipment, and special thanks to Daniel King for doing a great job on building the access roads.

Koinonia Construction


Thank you for the use of your equipment

Ridgeline Services

ridgeline services.jpg

Thank you for donating to Hillside MX park.

Carter Engineering

carter engineering.jpg

Thank you for your generous donation.


National Drilling


Thank you for the drill pipe to build our fencing and your generous donation.

Codwell Banker

coldwell banker.jpg

Thank you for your donation and letting us meet with your team.